Billing and Coding
General Description
Medical billers and coders fill out the necessary paperwork with health insurance plans and patients so that health care providers can get paid for their services - as simple as that.

Medical billers and coders will always be in high demand because health care providers are so busy treating patients that they rarely have time to fill out paperwork to receive payment for their medical services.
Length of Program:
6 months
As a Medical Biller and Coder you will:
Medical BillingMedical Coding
(specialization of Medical Billing)
- Maintain patient records- Understanding billing procedures
- Ensure compliance with federal regulations and insurance requirements- Fee scheduling
- Assign alphanumeric codes to specific illnesses, injuries and medical procedures using a universally recognized coding system (the ICD-9 index)- Collection methods
Schedule of Classes:
*** New sessions starting every month ***
Employment Opportunities:
Medical Billing and its related occupations continue to be the fastest growing opportunities in health care. Insurance companies and the government are spending more time and money researching and controlling claims� fraud, abusive practices, and medical necessity issues. Because of this, insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other providers are hiring more.

Medical billers are also able to work independently out of their homes. They can set up electronic billing through their home computers. Also available is the ability to be an insurance specialist or consultant.
Where I can work:
Positions are available in doctors� offices, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, insurance companies, accounting offices, legal offices, and consulting firms.
How much I will make:
Medical Billers and Coders in the Washington DC metro area make a wage range between $14 and $28 per hour based on years of experience and responsibility.

Independent medical billers and coders who own their own business can make up to $40 per hour.

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